Indoor and Outdoor units.

Capacity range from 1000 cfm to 200,000 cfm.

Standard casings designed for up to 15” w.g. and wall deflection less than 1/200 - resistance to higher static pressures available upon request.

Precision-Machined Hollow Structural Steel (HSS) members make up the heavy-duty base frame of individual units.

Base frame deflection is less than 1/300.

Panel joint seals are high-pressure resistant and have permanent adhesion to panel joints. Compression plates protect the membrane and mechanically complete a high strength seal.

The cabinet system is load bearing, panels are joined with independent external compression plates. The fasteners are " bolts, providing durability and dependable integrity.

Unit dimensions have infinitely variable aspect ratios, so you can design the unit for the application as space allows.

Acoustic and Thermal resistance flexibility for all applications: 2 '', 3'' and 4'' wall thicknesses, with complete No-Through Metal at all locations, including base frame, floors, walls and roof panels.

Outdoor units are equipped with an absolute Weatherproof Roofing System: a standing seam clad roof is completely independent from the air pressure seal.

Cabinet materials: G-90 galvanized steel, Aluminum and 304 or 316 stainless steel.

Cabinet insulation is available in a variety of Fiberglass densities or Zero Ozone Depletion polyurethane foam.

Industry leader in Knock-down AHU technology: Ingenia systems require 40% less field cabinet assembly time.

No Through Metal access doors and frames, with double gasket feature.

Wash Down Hygienic units have smooth finish without fasteners on the interior cabinet surfaces.

Exceptional casing longevity with exterior and/or interior baked electrostatic powder coated painting. Powder coating is also available with an Anti-Microbial agent.

UL approved membrane air-seal requiring no caulking on the exterior of the unit.

Concave shaped positive flow IAQ Stainless Steel drain pans with 1'' schedule 40 drain connections.

Wash down duty floors includes a complete water management system; recessed and concave shaped floor surfaces with removable strainer catch basins.

New technology sound attenuation packages with full height baffles, powder coated aerodynamic liners and finely sealed airway paths to eliminate regenerated noise.

Internal seismic vibration isolation, designed to limit vibration transmission to levels lower than 3%.

Internally mounted motors with a complete choice of fan types: centrifugal, tubular, axial, mixted flow, plenum and others. Some fan types are available with direct drive motor mounting.

Wide choice of options including factory mounted heat recovery, gas-fired heating, electrical coils,controls and electrical power packages for single source responsibility.


Air leakage for a standard 2“ thick wall is less than 0.5% at ±10” w.g. Air leakage for a standard 3“ thick wall is less than 0.5% at ±12” w.g.
Air leakage for a standard 4“ thick wall is less than 0.5% at ±15” w.g.

Our cost-effective, complete No-Thru Metal design offers superior thermal performance.

Panel thermal and acoustical performance tests are done by independent laboratories.

Factory tests, including cabinet leakage, fan vibration and acoustical.


All equipment and components are in accordance with applicable codes and standards as per the design, fabrication, assembly and testing.

AMCA certified fans.

Motors meet the requirements of NEMA, IEEE, ANSI, and NEC standards.

All electrical components are UL or CSA approved.

ETL certification is available upon request.