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Deloitte Tower

  • Montreal, QC
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  • H.H. Hangus
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A remarkable presence in Montreal’s skyline and a striking philosophy on modern productivity

Completed in May 2015, Deloitte Tower is the first privately owned and financed commercial building built in downtown Montreal in more than 20 years. This 26 story, 495,000-square-foot office tower is connected to the historic Windsor Station building and stands out for its modern lines in the Montreal skyline.


This office tower project required the design and production of 22 centralized, compact and ultra-quiet units of 23,000 CFM floor-by-floor units. It was imperative that sound levels in adjacent offices did not exceed NC-35.


The Ingenia sales team worked with the consulting engineer to design air handling units to meet the specified acoustic criteria. To maintain optimum thermal performances, the casings were manufactured with a 2’’ thick no-through metal construction and injected with polyurethane while the internal walls were covered with 4" thick sound absorption panels to meet the acoustic criteria. For added durability, the exterior surfaces of the units were coated with powder paint. 

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