Museum of Science & Industry

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  • City of Chicago
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The Museum of Science & Industry is the largest science museum in the western hemisphere and the second largest cultural attraction in Chicago, IL.

The Museum of Science and Industry was founded in 1933 and has since celebrated more than 80 years of “inspiring the inventive genius” to more than 180 million guests.


In 2008, several air handlers over 50 years old serving the ventilation for the central pavilion of the west court needed replacement. The very limited access to the mechanical rooms added to the requirement of heat recovery and larger capacities to meet current standards made space become the major issue and constraint. 


The Ingenia design team developed solutions utilizing Ingenia’s jobsite assembled construction. Each unit was designed in parts small enough to be brought into the building through a roof hatch. This design concept provided the engineers with complete flexibility for the limited space and saved the contractor significant assembly labor. All units included heat recovery wheels to meet the energy standards and the units were designed to handle additional capacity for current ventilations standards as well as increased people and equipment loads.

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