Mission Critical

New York Public Safety Answering Center II

  • Bronx, N.Y.
  • New York City Dept. of Design & Construction
  • JB & B, New York
  • New York Public Safety Answering Center II_1
This Bronx, NY project provides a new 525,000 sq. ft. call center and improves the City’s emergency communication systems, including response to 911 calls.

PSAC ll was designed to withstand the effects of a major disaster, both natural and manmade, and to operate without interruption. The building also complies with the Green Buildings Law (Local Law 86 of 2005).


The design objective was to maximize energy efficiency while providing a comfortable and sustainable environment.

The construction logistics and structural constraints required that the large air handlers be fully assembled in the field, therefore, shipped completely disassembled. 


The Ingenia design team and local sales representatives worked with the consultant to design 18 custom-built air handlers. In order to provide the highest thermal performance, the engineer specified a 4” wall thickness cabinet with injected polyurethane foam with a thermal resistance value of 26. The units also included enthalpy recovery wheels at the minimum outside air inlets, recovering energy from the exhaust air stream and rigid plate exchangers for the 100% outdoor air units.

The largest air handlers were 60 ft. long x 20 ft. wide x 14 ft. high. These sizeable units were factory assembled, air pressure tested, completely dissembled for shipment and re‐assembled in the field. This is a unique feature available exclusively with Ingenia’s custom air handlers. The re‐assembly process was supervised by a factory engineer.

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