Ingenia Custom Air Handling Solutions


Ingenia’s custom air handlers give the designer the broadest portfolio of options in the industry to provide solutions to the most unique situations. Ingenia air handlers can be configured to fit the most challenging spaces and difficult installations.

Whether your need is related to a limited footprint, acoustics, specialized ventilation-monitoring capabilities or humidity control, we can design and build your air handler to your exact specifications.

Ingenia’s custom air handling units are fully integrated systems that offer the same premium features as the Ingenia Modular AHU’s plus:

  • Air or water cooled DX A/C
  • Water source heat pumps
  • Indirect or direct fired gas heaters
  • Steam, hot water or electrical heat
  • Heat recovery with heat recovery wheel, flat plates or heat pipes
  • Hydronic piping manifolds or complete hydronic piping networks
  • Single or multi-point power connections
  • Programmable microprocessor controls

Features & benefits

Highest quality and performance indoor & outdoor air handlers

  • Pre-configured unit sizes with the ability to further modify cabinet dimensions with the Designer software, giving flexibility to match existing unit dimensions in retrofit applications. Output files can be PDF, AutoCad or REVIT®.
  • Units can be built in galvanized steel, all aluminum, all stainless steel or a combination of materials.
  • The highest energy-efficient air handlers in the industry with complete no-through metal construction on all base frames, floors, walls, doors and roof panels.
  • Polyurethane foam injected panels with R-values ranging from 13 to 26 depending on wall thicknesses.
  • Exterior and/or interior can be finished with a baked electrostatic powder coating, whereby all parts are coated before assembly to a minimum salt spray resistance of 10,000 hours.
  • Electrostatic antimicrobial powder coating for interior liners is available to meet the requirements of specialty markets such as healthcare, pharmaceutical and others. Minimum resistance to salt spray of 10,000 hours.
  • Complete interior wash-down option with water containment floors for healthcare, industrial and food processing applications. Floor drains available in all sections.
  • Inlet, discharge and radiated acoustical performances can be predicted with Ingenia's acoustic software.

Capacity & performance

1,000 to 200,000 CFM units customized to meet our customer’s needs.

    • Cabinets meet and exceed the AHRI standard 1350
    • Casing deflection rating class CD1
    • Casing air leakage rating class CL1
    • Casing thermal transmittance rating class CT1
    • Casing thermal bridging rating class CB0
  • Cabinet pressure resistance is rated and tested up to positive and/or negative 15” w.g.
  • Air leakage rate is tested to less than 0.5% at the rated cabinet pressure up to 15” w.g.
  • Wall deflection less than 1/240 at the rated cabinet pressure.
  • Exceptional uniform wall thermal resistance, R-value = 6.5/inch thickness.
  • Low noise NC-30 or NC-40 design. Acoustical performance can be enhanced with the use of Ingenia's acoustical absorption panel systems.
  • Casing acoustical performances are tested by an accredited independent laboratory. Sound transmission values conform explicitly with the ASTM designations E90-85 and E413-73. Sound absorption values conform explicitly with the requirements of the ASTM standards: ASTM C423-84A and E795-90.

Equipment and
design options


    • Available wall thicknesses: 2”, 2.5”, 3” and 4”
    • Polyurethane foam injected insulation
    • Complete no-through metal on all base frames, floors, walls, doors and roof panels
    • Indoor and outdoor configuration available
    • Modular or jobsite assembled
    • Galvanized steel, aluminum, 304 or 316 stainless steel or a combination of these materials
    • Exterior and/or interior powder coating
    • Complete internal antimicrobial powder coating including all internal wall surfaces, filter racks, coil racks and all structural components
    • Outdoor vestibules: full or partial length
    • Roof curbs
  • Cooling

    • Chilled water and direct expansion coils
    • Direct and indirect evaporative cooling
    • Non-mechanical economizer cycles
  • Fans and Motors

    Fans and Motors
    • Single or multiple EC (electronically commutated technology) fans
    • DWDI or PLENUM SWSI fans
    • AC, PM (permanent magnet) or EC motors
    • Variable frequency drives or control packages for EC motors
  • Heating

    • Hot water and steam coils
    • Integral face and bypass coils
    • Indirect and direct gas fired equipment
    • Open and closed element electrical heaters
  • Humidification

    • Humidification options consist of steam, spray, media and evaporative
  • Energy Recovery

    Energy Recovery
    • Sensible or enthalpy energy recovery wheels
    • Sensible and total heat recovery plate exchangers
    • Refrigerant heat pipe systems
    • Run around loop systems
  • Dehumidification

    • Passive dehumidification with the use of a desiccant wheel or active with desiccant wheels and regenerative heat source
  • Filtration

    • Filter frames designed for high rigidity with easy to install bolted filter retainer clips
    • All efficiencies including HEPA and bio-confinement filtration
  • Controls

    • Factory designed, provided and installed
    • Provided by temperature controls contractor and factory installed
  • Sound attenuation

    Sound attenuation
    • Media type silencer with Tedlar® lining
    • Specially designed acoustical baffles to achieve ultra-low airborne sound performance
  • Electrical

    • Fluorescent or LED lights
    • UV lights
    • Complete wiring per voltage or single voltage with step down transformers
    • Rigid galvanized EMT conduits, threaded galvanized or aluminum conduits
    • Flexible liquid tight conduits
    • Factory mounted and wired frequency drives
    • Factory mounted, wired and programmed EC motor controllers
    • Power panels
  • Hydronic piping

    Hydronic piping
    • Factory provided and installed hydronic circuits
  • Microprocessor controls

    Microprocessor controls
    • Factory provided and installed controls
    • Easily programmable controllers
    • Multiple communication platforms
  • DX Cooling technologies

    DX Cooling technologies
    • Factory provided and fully integrated direct expansion (DX) cooling
    • One circuit or multi-circuit systems that are split between fixed speed Scroll and variable speed Scroll compressors
    • Variable speed Scroll compressors provide capacity modulation and unparalleled energy efficiency
    • Environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant
  • Condenser options

    Condenser options
    • Water cooled condensers via brazed plate heat exchangers or optional shell & tube
    • Air-cooled condensers with all aluminum, high heat transfer, low refrigerant charge microchannel coils

Quality standards

AFBMA 9 Load ratings and fatigue life for ball bearings
AMCA 203 Field performance measurements
AMCA 210 Laboratory methods of testing fans for rating purposes
AMCA 300 Test code for sound rating air moving devices
AMCA 500 Test methods for louvers, dampers and shutters
ARI 410 Forced-circulation air cooling and air heating coils
ASHRAE 62-89 ventilation for acceptable indoor air quality
ASTM A525 Steel sheet, zinc coated by hot-dip process
ASTM E90-09 Standard for measurement of airborne sound transmission loss
NEMA MG1 National electrical manufacturers association
(motors and generators)
NFPA 70 National fire protection code
NFPA 90A Installation of air conditioning and ventilation systems
OSHA Occupational safety and health administration
SMACNA HVAC metal duct association
UL 1995 Heating and cooling equipment


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